How It Works

We admit. This isn’t a sexy, billion dollar idea. But we believe our community needs this.

First, we craft beautiful, wooden shelves. Then, local musicians provide us CDs, local stores provide us countertop space, and we do the rest. We call Local Music Shelf a “Grassroots Music Distribution” because every aspect involves the local community working together.

How does this work for you?

Local Musicians:  We put your CD on a Local Music Shelf at quality local stores. You receive 50% of all sales. People will see your CD everyday at as many stores as you choose. Keep doing what you do best, while we help your music reach a new audience. Get started

Local Stores: When you put a Local Music Shelf on your countertop, you’ll receive 20% of all sales. When a CD is sold, just mark a piece of paper. When you run out of CDs, email us and we’ll come to you to restock. We handle all logistics, restocking, and legwork. Get started

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