Deadwood Floats

Deadwood Floats are a chamber folk sextet from Ohio’s capital. Their compositions are accommodating to those who prefer smooth, meandering instrumentals with bursts of dynamic extremes and thoughtful, melancholic refrains – and harmonies. 
Current members: Drew Williams, Adam Schutz, Joel Arter, Katie Kramer, Luke Fleeman, and Tommy Williams 
Many members have played together in Columbus for nine years, through DF and other projects. The band’s chambery folk sound was developed as members came into the city in 2009/10. A couple years after that, they’d built from a two-piece to a six-piece and graduated from campus living rooms to more notable Columbus venues. The reserved nature of the musicians in the band defaults them to long periods of quiet songwriting and hibernation from performances. It is this same nature which explains why their debut LP “Three Years” (independent, 2014)  took all of three years to record and produce, earning its name. 
Nearly all songs are skeletally written and brought forth by lifelong friends Adam and Drew, who founded the group and sing all its songs. Accordionist Luke has also contributed original songs. Their styles are different enough that songs are distinguishably of one or the other – however, after writing separately together for so many years, they have a knack for creating a larger, cohesive catalogue of music. Lyrically, the content can be obsessive. Deadwood Floats’ records are full of romanticized memoirs of relationships, getting older, and coping with death. 
“Sometimes music is just beautiful. No matter how many scrapes, stomps and shouts Deadwood Floats weave into their songs, the most striking aspects are their subtle mastery of arrangement and a knack for melody that pierces even at a whisper.”

Chris DeVille for Columbus Alive 

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