Double Tambo

WOUB: I understand you took a new approach when putting together this EP. How was the writing and recording different from your past efforts?

Hebdo: Well, the writing and recording wasn’t too different from the Prosciutto release a few years prior. I recorded it at the same location in Athens (3 Elliott Studio) with the same engineer (Josh Antonuccio) and I did most of the instrumentation myself, except the horns and strings. I used specific tempos more this time around, which allows me to create a more accurate illusion at times. Most of my performances on the current two EPs are live performances, but feel like they have been lassoed. I grew a lot in-between the recordings. I cut the last 12 songs I did at 3 Elliott into two EPs, and the second, titled Double Tambo, is about to be released. It explores a different dimension of my personality and creative process. The result is a bit more intense and troubling in comparison to last year’s A Thousand Steeples EP, which had a very fun one-man Americana band vibe. I did this two-EP split so that I could create more focused musical worlds for the listener. They each, individually, represent a different part of me.

Full interview:

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