The High Definitions

The High Definitions is a blues influenced rock trio formed in 2013 in Columbus, OH consisting of guitarist/vocalist Nick Kurth, bassist James Eger, and drummer/vocalist Jon Coale. The three have a musical history that goes back to the late 2000’s, when they played in a straight ahead blues group around parts of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. After parting ways for a number of years, the musical friendship was rekindled in 2013 with original material bearing the influence of their early blues days while adding elements of 60’s/70’s Rock and early R&B.

Since their formation in 2013, the group has established a solid fan base in Columbus, Cincinnati, and points around Ohio and have opened for nationally touring acts such as Leopold & His Fiction, Banditos (Bloodshot Records), and most recently JOY and Carousel (both of Tee Pee Records). The group has been compared sonically to late 60’s trios such as Taste, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Cream with an added emphasis on vocal harmonies.

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